The Pegula Presser: Terry Drops the Gloves

On January 28th, 2011, I joined the Buffalo Blogosphere.  I did it with the intentions of providing entertainment for myself – heck, the Sabres and Bills were doing nothing for me at the time.  From “Born into Crazy:”

It’s been a long, cold winter. The Bills and Sabres haven’t been giving fans much of a reason to feel flushed with excitement.

Things are… stale…

…I am going to try my best to light a big ol’ bon-fire under this stale scene. I want this town to burn for victory, and I want its heart to feel that acidic burn again, when the Bills or Sabres lose.

Here I am now, 59 posts later, and goodness – how things have changed.  Terrence Pegula took an emotional stand in front of the NHL, Sabres fans, media, Buffalo hockey legends, his own family, the current roster, and set the whole hockey world on red alert:

“Starting today, the Sabres reason for existence, is to win a Stanley Cup.”

“We will aim high.  Winning is not a goal, it is a belief.  I would like to ask all the fans, all the media, to pull in our direction so that we can accomplish that goal.”

“Starting today, there will be no financial mandates on the Buffalo Sabres hockey department.”

“We will aspire to be the best in the league at finding, developing, and at keeping our players (with) their new Buffalo Sabres family.”

Actually Terry, it’s Sabres Nation that would like to say to you – “Welcome to the family.”

Looks like my work at trying to light a fire under the Sabres’ seats is over.


If Pegula has his way, the Cup will have to add more than a few extra levels to accommodate many successful Stanley Cup runs by the Blue and Gold.

Fans will finally get to see what Darcy Regier can accomplish without financial restraints.  It’s “pedal to the metal,” as T-Pegs put it during Q&A time.  Pegula is taking the gloves off, folks, and the Sabres are going to be one heckuva fight to beat in the NHL sooner rather than later, and will stay that way.

And so I start over: “Born (Again) into Crazy, 2011.”

Go Sabres.


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