The Buffalo T-Party: Pegula, Pegula, Pegula

“We’re gonna win the Stanley Cup. Then, you know what, we’re gonna win it again.”

Tomorrow morning, at approximately 11am, the newest savior of the Buffalo Sabres will finally address his fawning Sabres Nation.

Terrence Pegula arrived in town today with his crew of executives, who carried thick, expandable folders full of pounds of paperwork.  Much of that paperwork was likely to cover the endless legal detail of the sale and proper transition of an NHL team, but fans would like to think otherwise: they were carrying the secret plans to victory.

Pegula was at the HSBC today in time for the Sabres practice, but paused only briefly near the zamboni entrance before quickly ushering himself and his staff upstairs.

Hard to say if he was saying hello or goodbye to many of the guys on the ice during that brief visit.  T-Pegs wasn’t going to stick around the rink for pleasantries.


The revolution will not be televised. It will, however, be all over Twitter.

Fans will clamor around the arena, around their radios, and around Twitter tomorrow to catch a glimpse of what sort of revolution this T-Party will bring.  Who will be shipped out? Rivet, Montador, Connolly, Hecht, heck – even Ryan Miller?  Who will be brought in?  Bard Richards, Wayne Simmonds, Alex Semin, Steven Weiss, Alex Hemsky?  What happens to Darcy Regier, and his recently inked two year extension?  Will Lindy Ruff agree to an extension, or will his head roll too?

Enough questions to drive a hockey blogger mad.  My advice is to just sit back, and enjoy listening to the first public address from the new owner tomorrow, and when the adrenaline clears from your blood, focus on the statement, not the questions:

“We’re gonna win the Stanley Cup. Then, you know what, we’re gonna win it again.”

Go Sabres.


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