Buffalo Rising Joins Fight Song Effort

It’s just Day Two of the grassroots movement to push the Sabres to create a “fight song” for the Sabres.

So far, the response has been modest, but it is picking up.  A favorite local media outlet, Buffalo Rising, has picked up on the idea, publishing a story online today.

There are those of us who still know the words to the 1975 Sabres song, ‘We’re gonna win that cup!’ (Me and the Buffalo Sabres yeah, yeah, yeah.) There were at least three versions of that song to be produced over the years. Then there was ‘Sabres fever’, ‘Fa-la-la-la-la-Lafontaine’… all of those songs can be listened to online. Still, no fight song…

“The Bills make me wanna SHOUT!” is an electrifying rally song at sports bars, tailgates, and during home and away games.  It’s time the Sabres gave their fans a song to shout together, too.

Many have been critical of this effort, opining that the Sabres should solely focus on the product on the ice.  However, the overall fan experience greatly transcends just three periods of game time – and the Sabres’ marketing department exists for a good reason.

Let's go, Buffalo - and give the folks in these cars something to shout!

Revisit the back-story of the effort here.  Sign the petition (and add a song suggestion) here.


Go Sabres.


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