Sabres Fight Song: The Petition has gone Live!

Ok folks, time for the real grassroots work to get taken care of.

Buffalo74 has touched on the subject already, of the many Sabres fans that are desperate for the team to create a fight song of their own.  Through success, hopefully Sabres fans won’t have to sing the Bills’ touchdown “Shout” song at home or away games anymore.

Indeed, the response to the buffalo74 posts on this idea has been very enthusiastic.  All of the messages received here revealed a fan base that wants to be loud and proud with a song to call its own.

Here is the link to the petition, (you can also find the link on the right hand side of this site).

Go ahead and sign on!  Meanwhile, spread the word through Twitter and Facebook.  If you are really pumped up for a pump-up song, contact local news agencies such as Buffalo Rising and Artvoice about this effort.  Spread the alert to radio stations such as WECK 1230 and WGR 55.

This is your team, folks.  Let’s DO THIS!!

Go Sabres.

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