Winter Fest, Part II

If you missed out on the Labatt Pond Hockey Tournament and the Powder Keg festival, or if it was just too cold and windy that weekend for your taste, you’re in luck.

This weekend features “Winter Fest at Evangola State Park.”  The park, (located here), is known more in the area for its incredibly beautiful slate bottom beach on the shores of Lake Erie, but it’s also home to plenty of goings-on.  (The Tomato Festival and the Pirate Festival are warm-month favorites.)

Activities at Winter Fest include free hay rides, tours of the ice volcanoes, snow-sculpting contest, snowmobile sleigh rides and snowshoeing, a guided cross-country ski tour, an iron pot kettle cooking demonstration, a fossil dig and display, and fire fighter contests.  Hot food will be available at Evangola’s 1950’s diner.

I know, I had you at “ice volcanoes.”  One of the many formations on the frozen lake besides arches, caves, and pyramids, ice volcanoes are water spouting anomalies that are more famous for being on Saturn’s moon, Titan:

No need to travel to the far reaches of space, folks.  Grab the family and head on down to the park on Lake Erie for a great time.  It’s a perfect way to end Winter with warm memories.

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