NFL Draft Loaded with Linemen

Buffalo74 has touched on the likelihood that Cam Newton will be selected by the Buffalo Bills with the 3rd overall pick a couple of times, as more and more news comes in regarding the signal caller out of Auburn.

The debate rages on.

Buffalo74 has heard from many Bills fans disgruntled with those posts.  Hey folks, I am just reporting the facts.  But the real fact is, there is nothing for you to worry about – even if the Bills do select Cam Newton.


Whether it’s Wes Bunting, Mel Kiper and Vic Carucci, or a draft database like Walter Football, there is a growing consensus among the draft experts in the NFL community that Newton will be a Bill.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that the draft is stocked to the rafters with defensive linemen.  From Tim Graham over at ESPN:

“There are 13 defensive linemen among Scouts Inc.’s top 32 overall prospects, and when you throw in four offensive tackles with first-round grades it’s pretty clear the men in the trenches will shine on Day 1 of the NFL draft.”

Whether the Bills select Cam Newton or not, there will be plenty of talented defensive lineman available when the Bills get ready to make their second round pick.  (Many of those listed at hot top-5 commodities aren’t perfect prospects, anyway.  Nick Fairley and Da’Quan Bowers are the most noteworthy studs, but they are both one year wonders.)

Buffalo can still find a way to screw up the draft, but if they do, it won’t be over the selection or non-selection of the signal caller out of Auburn.

Go Bills.


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