Mel Kiper: The Bills will Select Cam Newton

Buffalo74 has already touched on the buzz of Cam Newton likely being a selection of the Buffalo Bills when they decide what to do with that 3rd overall selection on draft day.

That buzz just got deafeningly louder.

ESPN’s Mel Kiper, who many in the NFL business regard as the preeminent prognosticator for what teams will do on draft day, is now convinced that the Bills will pop on the Auburn signal caller.

The Swami.

“3 – Buffalo Bills – Cam Newton, QB, Auburn. From the day he landed on the Big Board for the first time, I’ve said that Newton’s physical skills and underrated ability as a passer could lead him all the way to the top of the draft. In Buffalo, what you have is an ideal foundation for his career. The Bills can keep Ryan Fitzpatrick around and develop Newton at a slower pace. But given Newton’s total package of skills and size, and his proven ability as a guy who can adapt, deal with adversity and win, he represents a real possibility to land in the top five.”

Further augmenting the possibility of Newton to the Bills is word today from Senior Analyst Vic Carucci:

“I’m not so sure that the Bills are thinking their quarterback position is settled.  From everything I hear, GM Buddy Nix likes Newton a great deal, and the Bills might very well be inclined to take him in the No. 3 slot. Now, they also might be of the opinion they could wait to take him in the second round, and that might very well happen, too. But I think quarterback will be prominently on the Bills’ radar.”

From the experts in the Biz to the experts of the web: (one of the highest regarded mock draft sites on the internet) changed the Bills pick to Cam Newton today.

“As their fans know too well, the Bills always do something stupid in the first round of the NFL Draft every year. The trend will continue if Buffalo picks Cam Newton this high.

I have this feeling that it’ll happen. The Bills are a franchise that has been floundering in mediocrity the past decade. They need a leader to seize control of the team and lead them to the playoffs for the first time since 1999. Question Cam Newton’s intelligence and pro-readiness all you want, but he’s a tremendous leader.

Buffalo also has a fairly new regime that has not obtained “its guy” yet. Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey know that they’ll never sniff the postseason if they don’t have a franchise quarterback. And Newton has the mobility that Gailey covets for his offense.

Unfortunately, Newton’s not ready for the NFL just yet. Sure, he’ll use his scrambling ability to win some games, but he was a one-year starter in college who never had to make multiple reads in his offense. Newton has the potential to evolve into a very good NFL quarterback, but it’ll take some time. Ideally, he’ll sit behind Ryan Fitzpatrick for a year or two, but if he’s chosen this high, he’ll probably see the field right away.”

Shoot.  With this much buzz, Newton might wind up in Carolina, with the #1 overall pick.

Stay tuned.

Go Bills.


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One Response to Mel Kiper: The Bills will Select Cam Newton

  1. Andrew Michalak says:

    I have had my fig newtons in the cupboard for a week now.

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