Brad Riter Declares War on Buffalo Corporate Media

Buffalo is a small town kind of city.  The folks here are generally helpful, friendly, and help shovel each other out of snowbanks when the white stuff hits hard.

It’s the City of Good Neighbors, after all.

Yesterday, Brad Riter over at WECK 1230am issued what he called his “Manifesto.”  You can listen to the audio here – It’s a short listen, and well worth it. Indeed, Riter has literally declared war on Buffalo corporate media, and has launched a project to make WECK into the best local radio station in town that deals with talk radio and sports.

“We are in the business for creating local opportunities (jobs) for the community… we want to be here, we want to be local, they (Entercom) want to outsource.”

Viva la revolution! Someone needs to Photoshop Riter in this and press some t-shirts.

WECK and Riter have WNY in full focus. “We want to be a product of and for WNY,” Riter said in his Manifesto.

A product of and for WNY.  That’s a big deal these days, folks.

Outsider Bass Pro recently pulled out from the waterfront development plans.  One of the greater unreported stories of the sale of the Buffalo Sabres was the fact Larry Quinn will no longer be a part of waterfront development.  He leaves a pretty big void.

With all the negative goings-on, it’s typical for someone, somewhere, in Buffalo to step up and do something to help keep the community moving towards better things.

It’s important to reiterate that Riter is not going after people – he is going after outside corporations.  One of my favorite Twitter conversationalists and blog writers is Joe Buscaglia out of WGR 55 – but when WGR starts streaming ESPN’s Jim Rome, I have to turn the dial.  In a sense, Riter is targeting people – he bluntly stated he is going to steal all the best names in Buffalo radio and bring them to WECK.  I hope Joe B is on his list.

Buffalo radio made by Buffalo people, for the greater good – with excellent programming.


“We’re going to win… I, and everybody here, will put every ounce of effort into making this a station that we and the community at large can be proud of.  We want you to own WECK, we want to own Buffalo, here we go.”

I have already linked to WECK’s website, and I suggest you all do the same.  Spread the awareness, and stay tuned.  This is going to be a fascinating story.

Go Bills.

Go Sabres.



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2 Responses to Brad Riter Declares War on Buffalo Corporate Media

  1. Jonathan says:

    Joe isn’t going anywhere near there, since Brad Riter calls him an idiot over and over.

    Weck 1230 home of weekend WGR hosts.

  2. S. Tooth says:

    I love WECK and all. I’m confused, though, because does Riter’s rant apply to Buffalo writ large or just the radio? Buffalo radio desperately needs more local talent, but it’s so hard when the radio markets are dominated by the clear channels and entercoms of the world. There are such things as independent radio stations left who still play pretty great music in some parts of the country, but very precious few. I see no reason why there couldn’t be more in Buffalo.
    Buffalo as a community doesn’t possess enough resources to turn itself around, and it’s foolhardy to suggest otherwise. The Bass Pro plan was always retarded but you have to start small. You have to transform Buffalo into a place where people want to live and spend money. In some ways, many of the neighborhoods have that down already better than just about any place. Downtown isn’t just dying though; it’s corpse is long cold, and to revitalize that, you will need big corporations to create money for people to spend without taxing them to death.

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