Sabres Fight Song

Last night’s Buffalo/Florida contest was another home and away game for the Buffalo Sabres – a game far away from the Nickel City, but featuring an arena packed with Sabres faithful nonetheless.

The overtime win sent the crowd to jubilation, and as they exited, they sang in unison…

Wait a second.  Ok, “we got the spirit” is spot on, but this song belongs to the Bills.  In Tampa, I remember hopping along on my way out of that arena, singing the Shout song with the masses of Sabres fans around me.  But whenever the chorus that mentioned the name “Bills” came about, there was an unmistakable mumbling of the lyrics, as some of the more tipsy fans were tripping over the usage of the word “Sabres” over “Bills.”

Some of the more… intoxicated fans just went right with the ball and kept shouting “Bills” instead of “Sabres.” 

That’s just embarrassing.

Overall, attending an away game like this is extraordinary.  There isn’t an experience like it for the Sabres faithful.  Along the highways into town, fans spot each other’s car flags or blue and gold jerseys, and honk and holler at each other.  It’s a glorious stampede.

When fans arrive and spill out of their cars into the streets, it’s hilarious to watch the expressions on local faces.  “What is this, Buffalo now?” is a very common refrain.  Bars are packed.  The arena is charged upon.  Seats are filled.  It’s sheer madness – a wonderful, yet innocuous sports mob that descends upon a town, and for one night, takes it for its own.

This army needs an anthem.  The war cry of “Ooo, ahh, Sabres on the warpath!” is so old, or stale, that it is almost impossible to start up a cheer of it.  And it’s not a song.

All we have is this:

The “Sabre Dance” by Aram Khachaturian.  That’s a great diddy to use when the Sabres surge out onto the ice on game night, but it’s not an easy one to sing along to when part of a boisterous (and sometimes slightly inebriated) Sabres Mob.

We need a fight song.

Join the effort.  Send emails to, or start up hash tag trends on Twitter.  Sabres Nation needs to rally together for a, well, for a rally song.  Otherwise, all we have to carry our tune is that tired old touchdown refrain.  That just isn’t right.

Let’s go, Buffalo, and get this done!


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3 Responses to Sabres Fight Song

  1. I was listening to some Zeppelin the other day when this came on… Such a badass intro & “we come from the land of the ice and snow” got me thinking of the endless possibilities of incorporating it into a fight song 🙂

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