Tyler Myers’ Firecracker Sets Off the Best Weekend Ever

You gotta’ hand it to the guy – Tyler Myers really knows how to jump start one of the wildest weekends of the year in Buffalo.

Myers scored the game winning goal on the road in Florida last night – he pounced on a puck in his own end, and immediately began a long, powerful stride up the ice.  With no more than 4.5 seconds remaining on the clock, he looked down, wound up, and unleashed a cannon at Panther’s netminder Tomas Vokoun.

Vokoun was helpless.  The shot wasn’t aimed – in fact, Myers had been overthinking the play earlier in OT, skating in circles in the offensive zone and stalling with his shot.  Not this time, though.  He just bore down, let himself wind up, and fired off his signature howitzer.  It was one of those unbelievable moments.

The puck went top shelf, snapping at the water bottle sitting on top of the net.  It seemed Vokoun’s eyes shot up to the scoreboard to see how much time was left before the puck even settled back down to the ice.   He couldn’t believe it, either.

5’5″ Nathan Gerbe chased Myers into the dasher boards and leapt into the 6′ 8″ Myers and his winning wing span.  What a moment.

Oh, and Myers did it in front of his dad.  15 Sabres dads, to be exact, were with the team for the game, watching from a box above the ice.  I’m sure more than one of them were nodding and smiling, remembering a few “never give up” father son hockey/life discussions.

He did it in front of a throng of Sabres fans who invaded the BankAtlantic Center in Miami.  The crowd went wild for the visiting team, leaping up and howling when that game-winner was scored.

Sabres fans  everywhere went nuts.  Those following the game on Twitter quickly noticed that “Tyler Myers” quickly became one of the highest trending topics – in the entire United States.

And so the weekend began – the Best Weekend Ever in Buffalo by many accounts.

There is more than plenty of goings-on in the Queen City in the next three days, including the Labatt Pond Hockey Tournament, the Powder Keg Festival, The Wake, Jungle Love, and Night Lights at the Gardens.

It’s Winter Mardi Gras – and Myers certainly knows how to kick off a party.

And oh yeah, there’s a Sabres game against the Islanders at the HSBC on Sunday, too.  It’s fitting that Myers and Co. will be around to wrap up the festivities.

Get out there and enjoy yourselves, folks.  If it’s too cold, just bear your head down, keep those feet moving, and let go of your worries.  You never know what the next few seconds are going to bring.

Go Sabres.


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