Regarding Respect, and the Pegula Daughters

While the arrival of the Pegula daughters during Sabres game chat on Twitter has been a novel source of re-connection and excitement for many fans, the arrival has also been met with reasoned trepidation.


There is no turning back, the Pegula daughters are now in the public eye, whether because of Twitter, guest-blogging on “Hockey Buzz,” or creating a blog of their own.  Whether fans are excited or worried, simple respect to these young girls – minors, at that – must be heeded.

Sure – folks in Buffalo have a long-standing reputation for being friendly, courteous, and helpful.  But it only takes one bad egg.  And even in the City of Good Neighbors, there are plenty of those nasty eggs walking the streets and perusing the internet.

Amanda, over at “2:00 for Roughing,” posted a list today that should be copied and pasted into every blog that addresses the Sabres.  It is clear, concise, and – hopefully – will help Sabres fans avoid a disastrous situation regarding the interaction with the Pegula daughters on-line.

The list:

  1. Do NOT ask them for tickets to a game or an event at HSBC Arena.
  2. Do NOT request that they speak to their father about your favorite/least-favorite player.
  3. Do NOT try to worm team memorabilia out of them.
  4. Do NOT harass them about decisions their father makes regarding the team.
  5. Do NOT talk to them so much you make them leave Twitter (see Stafford, Drew).

Five easy rules, people. Learn them, know them, live them.

As noted before, fans, excited or worried, don’t really have any control over this issue.  But it is an issue, a very big one indeed.  As a community, fans can absolutely work together to make sure these girls are rightfully treated, respected, and protected.

Pass on Amanda’s List.

Go Sabres.


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2 Responses to Regarding Respect, and the Pegula Daughters

  1. Kevin says:

    Found this through @jpegula Tweeting it actually. A lot of this has crossed my mind. When they first surfaced (in our world anyhow) I was amused and excited. Immediately though, perhaps because of my daily work on the internet, or just because I’m a 38 y/o guy with lots of friends with teenage daughters, my heart began to sink a little.

    This technology has brought us so much room to connect. And connecting isn’t always good.

    So far, the only comment I’ve made to one of them was that whoever said we needed to bring the red jerseys back needed to have their heads examined 🙂 Except I said it nicely. Afterwards, I kind of felt creepy even having said anything at all.

    Strange days. I certainly hope everyone treats them with respect. It’s the internet though. Sometimes “respect” and “internet” are mutually exclusive.

  2. scottymcss says:

    It is a Strange New World, isnt’ it?

    Let’s hope everyone can remain responsible on Twitter when the Sabres stop winning.

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