Meet Buffalo’s New Royal Family

The internet is an astounding thing sometimes.


Twitter has been a game-time destination for Sabres Nation to sit and watch games together for quite a while now.  Fans and bloggers have a fun exchange with people in the Biz such as Bills’ hall of famer Thurman Thomas, and Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News.  It’s a beautiful common ground for the entire community surrounding sport to come together as a whole.

The most recent to join the conversation are the Pegula daughters, who quickly became the darlings of the Sabres’ Twitter chat, joking with the many fans and even accepting trade requests/ideas (that they may or may not actually forward onto their father).  It’s a great connect for kids, who may be just emerging as Sabres fans.  (Adults, of course, should take note that they are minors, and respectfully direct their comments towards those 18 and over.)

Buffalo hasn’t even seen an owner in town since Tom Golisano left for Florida in 2008, so this sweeping social change means a great deal to the people.

Throngs of flag-waving Sabres faithful are eagerly awaiting the first public address from the already beloved Terrence Pegula.

Jessie Pegula even agreed to an interview with Sabres blog “3rd Man In,” and she did a stint as a guest blogger on the controversial “Hockey Buzz” website.  Not that I want to add more traffic to Hockey Buzz – a site that has been condemned for its flagrant over-production of hockey “rumors,” but the blog further shows just how interested the Pegula family is in connecting to this team and this town.

In a recent statement, Terrence and Kim Pegula weighed in on the purchase of the team:

“As diehard fans of the Buffalo Sabres, the Pegula family would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Tom Golisano and Larry Quinn on their commitment to the hockey fans of Western New York and their dedicated stewardship of the franchise.  Without their generosity and perseverance through tough economic times and league labor issues, there would not be a team for the Buffalo hockey community to support.  We will be forever grateful for their efforts in developing one of the best markets in the National Hockey League, and providing the foundation for future successes.”  

“My wife Kim and I are hopeful that the league’s approval process of our intent to purchase the franchise will move swiftly and we can begin the next era of Buffalo Sabres hockey in the very near future.”

It looks like the entire Pegula family is on board, and the people of Buffalo could not be more lucky to gain such an open and warm adoptive royal family.

The Sabres Nation is happily becoming the Sabres Commonwealth.

Update: John Murphy (Ch. 4, Bills play-by-play man) stumbled into Pegula at a speech in PA.  Pegula paused in his speech to remark how his cell phone just updated him on how the Sabres were doing against the Leafs, and that Vanek just scored his 19th.  In the hallway, Pegula had this to say to Murphy:

“We’re gonna win a Stanley Cup.  And then you know what we’re gonna do?  We’re gonna win another Stanley Cup.”

All hail the King.


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One Response to Meet Buffalo’s New Royal Family

  1. Andrew Michalak says:

    Come on “Stanly”, …..we’re going to win that Cup, …….and then another! Now, that is good, “Scary good.”

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