Superbowl Sunday

Another year has come and gone.

It’s not the end of the calendar year, but for football fans, when the clock hits zero in the 4th quarter in the Big Game, it’s time to start planning for next year.

One kick can change so many things.

For Bills fans, it has now been officially 20 years since Superbowl IIV.  As fans, we’ve been subjugated to two decades of constant reminders on the outcome of that game – whether at the sports bar, the watercooler, or during the broadcast of the Superbowl.

It’s inevitable.  At some pont, there will either be video of the kick, or an analyst will mention it when action on the field goes stale.

To be fair, it is an integral part of NFL history.  That game’s dramatic finish added to the drama of  one of the most thrilling Superbowls of all time.

Still, it’s been 2o years.  The NFL is sure to have plenty of other tidbits they can use to kick Bills fans with today.  “Wide right” is a very, very dead horse.

A very, very dead horse.

Bills fans, take heart.  There is plenty of other stuff to think about today.  And if those great Bills teams of the nineties taught us anything, it taught us to persevere.

Go Bills.


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