Stuff my Dad Says

 A few observations made by my dad and I during tonight’s Superbowl:

– Michael Strahan has a smart, smart football mind.  His speech before the game about players needing to harness their passion and absolutely believe they can make any play, at any time, was spot on.  After the Packers’ victory, WR Greg Jennings said emotions were tough after losing a couple starters, “but we put all of that into a bottle and used it on the field.”  Spot on, Michael, spot on.

– The Steelers sideline was remarkably aloof.  There were a lot of shrugs, and a strange lack of energy.

– Cowboys Stadium is enormous.  I’m pretty sure you could fit two,  maybe three Ralph Wilson stadiums inside of it.  Cut, paste, and see for yourself:

– FOX did a remarkable job of not showing the fans throughout the game.  I saw some terrible towels a few times, but never had a glimpse of a cheese head.

– Jim Thorpe and his Oorang Indians’ halftime shows will never be outdone.  I mean, c’mon, bear wrestling?

– “This country is turning into France.” Zinger delivered when we watched confused as a large number of glowworms formed green arrows on the field, and dancers appeared wearing white boxes on their heads. 

– Slash’s guitar playing still gives me goose bumps.

– Fergie makes one heck of an Axl Rose.

She also makes one heck of a Fergie.

– The commercials were strangely violent.  I saw a women hit in the face, a man hit in the face, and a man hit in the groin by flying cans.  All three incidents were for soda-pop advertisements… which are geared at children. 

– The Darth Vader kid is going to become famous overnight.

Can start a car on command.

– Go Daddy commercials have become redundant.

– Why were the Packers so afraid to run the ball?  Starks did a great job when given the chance. 

– One of two things is certain: Aaron Rodgers is the most confident man in the world, or the Packers really had some good tape on Troy Polamalu.  Rodgers threw directly at the Steelers’ big play man all night long, and consistently burned him.

– Christina Aguilera has pipes – but I think the reason she held that last note so long is because the jets were running ten seconds late.  That, and “Did she just omit an entire line?”  Yes.  Yes, she did.

– A Medal of Honor winner may have my seat at the bar every time.

– “That’s karma, Ben,” (after Roethlisberger’s fourth interception).

– I wanted GB to win because of Starks representin’ UB and the B-lo.  I wanted the Steelers to win because the new owner of the Sabres, Terrence Pegula, is a Steelers fan – and his family has been remarkably open with the public in WNY on Twitter.  Sorry, Pegulas.

– I may have missed it, but I never heard a single reference to “Wide Right.”  Did Fox read my blog today?

– My school always announced that there would be no school on Monday if the Bills won the superbowl during that amazing four year run.  Dragging myself to school on those Mondays sucked.  No one got any work done.

– My mechanic said he gets very depressed when football season ends.  I won’t be able to get an oil change for a while.

– Enough with the superhero movies.

And finally…

– The Bills are officially undefeated again.

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One Response to Stuff my Dad Says

  1. Andrew Michalak says:

    Fun game and the better karma team came out on top. Great to watch with my sons and grandson.

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