The Wake

It’s officially “and Other Culture” Day here on buffalo74.

If you are not into the whole animal infidelity thing, there’s another strange and wonderful event worth checking out.

If you have never been to an Irish Wake, check out “The Wake.”  It is a “fond farewell to our fictitious friend Les Mooney,” and includes “all the food, wine and beer you’d want” for $40.

In addition to the drink, food, and drink, there will be live music provided by Penny Whiskey and Stone Row, unique auctions, and valuable raffles. And, perhaps best of all, the proceeds will benefit Irish Classical Theatre Company, one of Buffalo’s grandest cultural treasures.

The pipes are calling, Mr. Mooney. Now, let's DRINK.

Of course, this event is on February 11 – the same date as “Jungle Love,” so some serious decisions are going to have to be made.

If you choose not to attend, share this with anyone you know (and Emerson Etem) who thinks that there is nothing to do in Buffalo, “a real ghost town.”   Etem’s right – in a sense – in this case, Buffalonians know how to indulge in some spirits for a warm and happy night.

It’s a shame Buffalo’s deep cultural scene goes un-noticed.  But then again, that also just means more beer for us.

More information on the Irish Classical Theatre Company can be found here.


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