The Presser

I think I just summed up what was to be an entire blog in 140 words or less on my Twitter account.

The healing has begun, with a twist of anticipation for what is to come.

The mother of all pressers was a fascinating thing to behold.  Golisano revealed all he could, or would, about the myriad of accomplishments that he and his partners made.  My personal favorite was the invention of what has become the Winter Classic.  Good for them. 

Golisano stepped in, and from the beginning promised he would run the team as a business – and to not lose money.  He made good on his promise, and Sabres fans have had both wonderful and deplorable hockey as a result.  Fair enough.  Time to move on.

Now the focus settles entirely on incoming owner Terrence Pegula, who has stirred up the collective heart of the Sabres faithful to a resounding drum roll.

Matt Coleman of recently posted a check list of things for Pegula to do, but he also included some original artwork on the new owner to headline the piece, depicting “T-Pegs” riding into town dressed up like a White Cowboy and mounted upon a raging buffalo.  It’s a great piece of work, and it really puts an image to what many folks are feeling about the Sabres now.

Hope.  Salvation.  Excitement.  Choose any of the three. 

Fans still have to actually hear from Pegula.  No one knows if he will spend to the cap, or if he views that as a good idea or not.  Anyone can speculate about his intentions and methodology to get that Stanley Cup, but that’s all it is – speculation.

My speculation is that Pegula will get those dang banana slugs off the scoreboard.

Still, that speculation has been a great deal of fun.  Folks are actually believing again that the Sabres can, at some point in the near enough future, win it all.

That is a terrific relief – so much that it almost makes one forget there’s a very important game on Friday versus the Penguins.

One thing is certain: Pegula wants the price of kernels at the HSBC down.  So, “getcha’ popcorn ready,” folks. 

I have a feeling that this is going to be a lot of fun.


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2 Responses to The Presser

  1. Andrew Michalak says:

    Put the crossed swords and charging buffalo on that score board!

  2. Anon says:

    The slug was not changed because it was going to be the 3rd jersey next year. Dirty little secret.

    -Former employee

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