Night Lights at the Gardens

Likely the most popular destination for Valentine’s Day couples will be the Buffalo Botanical Gardens, which came up with a new and very creative way to make plants psychedelic.

"Wow, Dennis... like I can SEE the music."

The cost is only $10, and runs from February 3rd to the 19th – so there is no need to decide to go to this event over “Jungle Love” or “The Wake.”

The interior of the Gardens will be illuminated with theatrical and interactive lighting over weekend nights in February for an event titled “NIGHT LIGHTS at the Gardens.” The event will have visitors walk through the Gardens, encountering creative lighting displays and soundscapes.

The Buffalo News had a nice write up on this event, and spoke with Erin Grajek, the Gardens’ marketing director.

“Everything feels so much more alive to me in this atmosphere. I see things I’ve never seen before, and I’m here every day,” said Grajek, the marketing director who has worked at the Botanical Gardens for five years.

Go ahead and check it out, and dare to stare up at that 67 foot high Palm Dome, shimmering in changing colors. 

It just might blow your mind.


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