Jungle Love

There’s a new hot ticket in town.  And it’s not for the Sabres or Bills.

Who needs Barry White, when instead you can have purple backlit giraffes in front of a gazebo, putting the heat into February?

The Buffalo Zoo will be hosting a celebration of Valentine’s Day by holding a seminar on the “promiscuity and infidelity in the animal kingdom.”  What better gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day than watching 300 pound gorillas in a wild orgy?  It must include some pretty hot stuff, because you have to be at least 21 years old to get in.

Wine and cheese will also be provided to complete the romantic atmosphere, though I am not sure if that’s for the people or the animals.

The Zoo is definitely onto something.  A quick YouTube search for “zoo mating” yielded 1,830 videos.  comparatively, a search for “buffalo sabres” brought up 5,280 videos.  It’s safe to say something deviant is going on here.

The innocent days of going to the Zoo to watch monkeys fling poo are over. 

Give the Buffalo Zoo credit, though, for catching onto this new funky (the smelly definition of funky) scene.  Other zoos, ranging all the way from Michigan to New Zealand are having similar hand-holding events.

There's sure to be souvenirs.

I can only imagine what the t-shirts are going to look like.


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