The Big Lebowski… 2?

Buffalo loves its Sabres.  Buffalo loves its Bills.  And Buffalo loves its bowling.

Buffalo is one of the many cities that entertain an annual “Lebowski Fest,” in honor of the Coen Brother’s 1998 masterpiece.  Indeed, the film has gained more and more attention over the years, and can still be seen in cinemas today. 

It is impossible for Dudes around the country to not get a little excited about another edition of their favorite cinematic Odyssey.  Pretty quickly, that excitement gets quashed with dread: masterpieces are usually best left alone.  Anyone remember Caddyshack II?  No?  Best leave it that way.

But it isn’t stopping the Coens, or Tara Reid, from announcing a sequel.

Who's up for a screening at... The Berlin Wall?

With the large amount of super-sequel-busts in cinema, it’s strange that the Coens would risk such a venture on one of their most revered films.  It will get plenty of attention, riding of the coat-tails of the original film’s cult following and those Lebowski Fest parties at the local bowling alleys.  But the Coens certainly don’t need the money. 

And it feels so good.

For Lebowski fans, the original film “really ties the room together” in a close-knit, cultural way.  The soundtrack is one of the most inspirational collections for writers of pop-genres.  It’s hard to line up on a bowling lane without hearing Los Lobos’ version of “Hotel California.”

The film is so special, and so ingrained into Dude Culture, that any meddling with it now feels like a threat to what has been 13 years of white russians and beautifully lazy goodtimes.

Please, Coens – if you’re really going to go ahead with this one, don’t screw it up.  No one wants to see the plane to crash into the g#$d@!* mountain.

Ah, screw it.  I’m going bowling.


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