Snowmageddon; Snowpocalypse; DoomSnowDay

Looks like the groundhog is going to have to try to dig his way out of Punxsutawney this year.  Locally advertised as a “monster storm” by Channel 4, a sweeping mass of blizzard-like weather is doing its best to form itself into a giant glacier as it plummets to earth.

JustAimer; Twitter

Stay off the I90.

Buffalo folks have nothing to worry about though.  Most of the people of the Queen City are avid Scrabble players, and make a mean cup of hot chocolate to get through the day.  Besides, there’s plenty of hot talk to stay warm by – the sale of the Sabres, the mysterious extension of Sabres’ GM Darcy Regier’s contract, and the offer of an extension in the fall to head coach Lindy Ruff (which he declined). 

Let’s not forget the literally thousands of  NFL mock drafts that are in consensus that no one has any idea who the heck the Bills are going to select with that 3rd overall pick. (Though after this storm, it should be safe to say it won’t be DT Nick Fairley out of Auburn, who recently stated he’d play anywhere “as long as it’s not cold.”)

The Labatt Pond Hockey Tournament is scheduled for February 11-13, so it seems all of our sporting interests are safe from The Day After Tomorrow.  (Another fine idea for things to do during the storm – I’ll have to check OnDemand for availability.)

Watch for Lindy to try a polar bear swim.

And let’s not forget that Buffalo has seen its fair share of storms, and of the 150+ million people about to get pounded by nature, residents in WNY should sneak out with a modest foot or so of snow.  During the Blizzard of ’77, ex-Mayor Jimmy Griffon put it best when he told residents to relax, stay home, and have a six pack.

Still, WGRZ is already posting a huge list of closings for tomorrow.  I had a gander at the list, and noticed that even the US Army Corps of Engineers is delaying any activity for tomorrow until 10am.  Aren’t those the guys that are supposed to dig us out?

I am not sure on that one.  But I have my Scrabble board ready.

And if you were wondering, “Pegula” is worth 13 points on the board.  Definitely a lucky number.

***Update: It’s not the Ice Age.  It just looks like it.


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One Response to Snowmageddon; Snowpocalypse; DoomSnowDay

  1. Andrew Michalak says:

    Man! that is some snow cloud! One can just see the end of Florida. Everything else east of the Mississippi and north is WHITE!

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