A Case for Kevin Kolb

The Philadelphia Eagles have finally made it official: Kevin Kolb is on the market.


The clock has been ticking over Kevin Kolb for a long time, but he can finally take that clock down from the wall.

Kolb will be an intriguing option for no less than seven teams, who all have a need to upgrade at the position. Washington, Seattle, San Fransisco, Carolina, Minnesota, Miami, and Buffalo are among many teams that will consider popping on an offer.

For the Bills, the option to add Kolb serves up two benefits: the team would not have to reach for a QB on draft day, and would earn an NFL-ready quarterback. However, the jury is still out on Kolb. He could be the next Aaron Rodgers, or he could be the next Ryan Fitzpatrick. 

Still, the comparison of Kolb to Rodgers is not a leap.  In fact, Kolb and Rodgers have already drawn up the parallels themselves.

“I’ve been a big fan of his because of the way he’s handled himself,” Rodgers said. “He’s done a nice job. It’s never an easy situation but I think he’s a very talented guy, big strong arm, athletic and I’m excited for his opportunity.”

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is busy with Aaron Rodgers planning for the Superbowl this weekend, and so was unable to return calls to buffalo74 this weekend.  Still, he’s talked about the similarities before.

“They are both accomplished passers as far as being productive in their college careers,” McCarthy said. “They both had opportunities to sit behind two outstanding quarterbacks … and as far as their skill sets, Kevin looks to be making all the throws and throws with good anticipation. So I would definitely say there are similarities.”

Statistically, Kolb’s numbers have been fairly pedestrian when he has had a chance to step onto the gridiron.  Then again, so were Rodgers’, while he waited behind his own legend, Brett Favre.  And it can’t be overlooked that Kolb became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 300-plus yards in his first two NFL starts.

Eagles coach Andy Reid traded away his legendary star quarterback, Donovan McNabb, in order to give Kolb the keys to the huddle.  Kolb was finally about take over in Philly, but an injury early on in Game One sidelined him, paving the way for Mike Vick’s torrid 2010 onslaught of the NFL.

Now it’s Kolb’s time again.  The waiting is finally over for the kid from Houston. But what can fans expect? Indeed, he could very well be the next Rodgers, or the next Fitz.  Realistically, until proven otherwise, he is probably more somewhere in between. 

What is certain, however, is that he isn’t a project. He isn’t a reach. A project is what the Bills would inherit on draft day. It is safe to say that the Bills will be among the teams that make an offer for Kolb.  But what about the price tag? Jeff McClane, columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, summed it up nicely on his Twitter page:

The Bills are already likely to use that 2nd round pick on a project QB, so it makes convenient sense to instead spend it on a long-groomed signal caller who is NFL-ready. Besides, he’s only on salary for one more season, and with a price tag of only $1.4 million, it’s a very low risk venture.

Go for it, Ralph.


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